Gastric Bypass

Will the obesity operation be appropriate for you?

Yes, especially in light of your willingness to change your lifestyle and to comply with your physician’s instructions and also provided that the following conditions are met:

Your inability to reduce your weight merely through physical exercises and diet.
Your body mass index (BMI) should be 40 or higher. What does BMI mean?
Your (BMI) should be more than (35) simultaneously with an illness accompanying obesity such as diabetes, high blood pressure, joints pain.
You should not be suffering from any acute psychological problems or mental illness or hormonic disturbances.
You should not have any chronic illness that will pose a threat to your life when you are given anesthesia.
You should not be addicted to alcohol or drugs.

What is the most appropriate operation for you?

Selecting the right operation for you is done through visiting your doctor who will determine the quantity of excess weight and will explore your medical history and food and health habits, and this will have a major impact on determining the proper operation for you.